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WAM callers

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WAM callers

Post by Donnavan »

Does anyone work with wam callers?
I have one here but can get very little volume out of it, nearly more breathing in through it than blowing out.
How do yous find it ?
Any particular knack to using it ?
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They Call Me Trinity
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Re: WAM callers

Post by They Call Me Trinity »

Since no one has responded to you I will try offer some help, even though I've never used a caller for foxes. I have shot with lads that can make the sound using their hands to great effect though.

From the demonstration in this video, it seems to be short quick blows to make the right sound.

This guy goes deeper into fox calls:

Hope that is helpful. I am sure there are other videos on YouTube that might go more into it if you do a bit of Googling. Good luck!
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