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2024 Midlands Shooting Calendar

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2024 Midlands Shooting Calendar

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MNSCI Calender of events 2024
Sat 20th. PRS Centre fire
Sat 27th. TSAI
Gallery Rifle
Sun 28th. .22 Long Range Precision Ireland

Sat 3rd. Bullseye
Sat 3rd. Country Sports Ireland
Sun 4th. CSI
Sun 11th. .22 PRS/STAGS
Sun 25th. .22 LRPI

Sat.2nd. Bullseye
Sat 2nd. PRS. Centrefire
Sun 3rd. Classic Rifle 100/200/300 yards (Open Match)
Sat 9th. HCAP
Sun 10th. F Class leagues (F Open,FTR,F Restricted)
Sat23rd. CSI
Sun24th. CSI
Sun 24th. 22 LRPI

Sat 6th. Bullseye
Sat 13th. PRS
Sun 14th. .22 PRS/STAGS
Sun 21st. TSAI
Sun 21st. F Class leagues
Sun 28th. .22 LRPI

Sat 4th. Bullseye
Sat 18th PRS centrefire
Sat 18th HCAP
Sun 19th F Class leagues
Fri 24th. International .22LRPI
Sat 25th. International.22 LRPI
Sun 26th. International.22 LRPI

Sat 1st. Bullseye
Sun 9th . 22 PRS/STAGS
Sun 16th. F Class Leagues
Sun 23rd . 22 LRPI
Fri 28th. TSAI
Sat 29th. TSAI
Sun 30th TSAI

Sat 6th. Bullseye
Sat 6th. PRS centrefire
Sat 6th. HCAP
Sun 14th. Classic Rifle (600 yards)
Sun 21st. F Class leagues
Sun 28th. .22 LRPI

Sat 3rd. Bullseye
Sun 18th. F Class leagues
Sun 25th. .22 LRPI
Sat 31st. PRS centrefire

Sat 7th Bullseye
Sun 15th. Classic Rifle
Sun 22nd. F Class leagues
Sun 29th. .22 LRPI

Sat 5th. Bullseye
Sun 13th. F Class leagues finals
Sun 20th. .22LRPI
Sat 26th. TSAI

Sat 2nd. Bullseye
Sun 24th .22LRPI

Sat 7th. Bullseye
Plenty of events and training courses ahead and will be listed soon. Dates of matches may be changed over the coming year and will be updated accordingly.

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