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About FUN

Our Background

FIREARMS UNITED was founded by Dariusz Dura, Andrzej Turczyn, Rafał Pęcherzewski from Poland and Janusz Michalik, Katja Triebel from Germany in October 2013 when Cecilia Malmström, former Commissioner of the DG HOME – Section for Interiors in the European Commission (COM) – presented her “Action Plan on (against) Firearms”.

FIREARMS UNITED brings together more than 100 million law-abiding gun owners in Europe. These include reservists, hunters, sport shooters, collectors, firearm dealers, manufacturers, security professionals, range operators and ordinary citizens who own firearms legally.

Our Petition

FIREARMS UNITED started the petition “EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership” which got more than 325.000 signatures from concerned gun owners in Europe.

Our Reports

Firearms United Partners

FIREARMS UNITED was able to get partners worldwide. As some of our partners are from South America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldovia, Switzerland, Philippines and India we expanded our goal from European gun owners to worldwide gun owners.

FIREARMS UNITED was also able to found national chapters in countries where the “old” associations did not accept partnerships, e.g. in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Croatia and the US.

FIREARMS UNITED is very proud to have active partners in EU Member States as in Poland, Germany, UK, Austria, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Slovakia, Latvia and Italy who openly fight against the proposal of the European Commission.