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Firearms United Ireland

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Who We Are

We are the Irish branch of Firearms United which is made up of legal gun owning volunteers. These include hunters, sport shooters, collectors, firearm dealers, manufacturers, security professionals, range operators, ordinary citizens and reservists who own non restricted firearms.

We will fight every type of legal gun owners corner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the Irish government from implementing laws that unfairly restrict legal firearm ownership in this country.

We also want to inform as many gun owners as possible to the proposed restrictive laws coming our way in order to mobilise as many gun owners to fight back and stand up for fairer firearms laws.


Firearms United Ireland is absolutely independent – both from political parties and from large corporations. Our activities are financed exclusively by donations and the work for Firearms United Ireland is done voluntary by firearm owners.

Anyone can join our group to help out or even just offer advice.

How You Can Help

You can help by reaching out to us to join our team or by donating below to help us fight unfair restrictions to legal firearm ownership in Ireland and the EU.

As gun owners we should all stand together to fight unfair restrictions that will inevitably be coming our way as politicians become increasingly hostile to our way of life. Be that as a hunter or sports shooter on the range.

Join Firearms United Ireland

If you wish to get involved with Firearms United Ireland, please feel free to reach out to us on:

We are a group of legal gun owners living in Ireland and everyone in our group has an equal say. We do not have a rigid leadership hierarchy like other traditional groups and we have a very diverse membership made up of sports shooters, deer hunters, collectors and pheasant shooters.

We want to see everyone’s sport and access to their preferred firearms protected, not just what we shoot as individuals. As shooters, we need to look after each others interests and not just our own. When each group lose access to their preferred firearm, eventually they will come for yours and there will be no one left to help you when you need it. The best strategy is to have a united front on this regardless of what we shoot as individuals.

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